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Friday Sept 13
Playground Theater
3209 N. Halsted

Fri, 10pm - Opening Night Show
A quick taste of films from throughout the fest.
Films to be determined

Fri, 12am Demented Comedies
Meet Ana, 2min
Girls Sesason 38, 8min
The Family Business, 5min
Little Man of Steel, 10min
Wie das Schwein zum Metzger wurde, 5min
Grandma's Not a Toaster, 10min
AJAB, 3min
The Adventures of Uncle Colt and Cletus, 9min
Beautiful Eyes, 6min
Joke, 3min

Saturday Sept. 14
Film Row Cinema
1104 S. Wabash, 8th Floor

Sat. 12pm - Documentary Arts
The Models of Bekonscot, 4min
Snow Queen Travel Company, 9min
Treasure, 3min
A Mental Sport, 3min
Jason Myles Goss - "Black Lights" , 5min
Fly over the sea, 16min
Dimensions, 5min
Undocumented, 6min
In the Blood, 4min
Suitcase, 12min
Niche in the market, 3min
The Ass Kicker, 7min

Sat. 2PM - Growing Up
Abracadabra, 6min
Boys Will Be Boys, 10min
Lucy, 13min
Alligator Stroll, 6min
Eight Groups of Zeros, 17min
The Painted Girl, 9min
Cootie Contagion, 9min

Sat. 4pm - Crimes
Capture, 2min
The Wrong Man, 9min
Ugry Night, 22min
The Painter, 10min
Cold Turkey, 14min
Ritual, 15min
The Patriot Act, 21min

Saturday Sept. 14
Miska's Lounge and Bar
3204 N. Leavitt St

Sat. 8:30pm - Chicago International REEL Shorts Festival introduces a new Category, the Short Feature.  Each year we will highlight ONE film that exceeds our normal limit of 39 minutes but does not exceed 59 minutes.  This years presentation will be Guys Book Club: Season 2.
A short Discussion with Executive Producer George Zwierz will follow the screening. 

Sat. 10pm - Comedy Show
Hiding Your Issues, 3min
The Calvin Lewis Bobby Mayfair Show(s), 5min
Pretty Good Problems, 4min
The Colors of Evil, 4min
Vows, 9min
The Clown by Beefcake, 4min
The Ladder, 7min
Machines of the Working Class, 2min
Choreography for Plastic Army Men, 5min
Homo Eructus, 6min
Monkey Rag, 4min
Making New Friends (Eps. 1, 2, and 5), 8min

Sat. 11:30pm, Horror, Suspense and SciFi Show
Pulled, 6min
Heartless, 9min
Leave Us Alone, 13min
Dim Sum, 6min
Girl at the Door, 11min
NOVR, 15min
Franky and the Ant, 9min

Sunday Sept. 15
Film Row Cinema
1104 S. Wabash, 8th Floor

Sun. 11:30am - Romance, Good, Bad and Ugly
Won't Go Quietly, 15min
Today I Will Tell Her, 7min
Rose, Mary and Time, 38min
Hatboxes, 19min
Finding Melody!

Sun. 1:30pm - The Chicago Show
The Birthday Card, 6min
A Short Break, 15min
Circuit Breaker, 12min
Finding Shelter, 6min
Merkin Penal, 23min
Folktale, 10min
An Honest Life, 12min
Choice Words, 7min

Sun. 3:30pm - Dramatic Shorts
Sight, 7min
One Place No More, 6min
Reset, 17min
Was It The End, 1min
The Hitman, 10min
Hood Bruthas, 10min
That Pale Light in the West, 4min
Fox The Gambler, 18min
In for a Trim, 9min

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Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Fest

Audience Choice Awards

Eight Groups of Zeros
Calvin Lewis Bobby Mayfair Show(s)
Meet Anna
In For A Trim

Film Festival Awards

Most Demented Comedy - Girls Season 38
Best Documentary - Treasure
Best Film about Growing Up - Cootie Contagion
Best Youth Entry - Pretty Good Problems
Best Comedy The Ladder
Most Talked About Film - Choreography for Plastic Army Men
Best Suspense Film - Dim Sum
Best Director - Hatboxes

And the 2013 Best of the Fest is....